Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kicking Butt

I have made the choice to rid myself of a nasty habit. Today was day two of no cigarettes. I am staging my own small tax rebellion. The clowns in congress decided to raise the tax on smokes by a dollar a pack. While it is easy to pass legislation to tax a behavior that most find offensive, it is also a choice whether to pay the tax. So, I have decided to quit the smokes in a similar manner that the founders of our country found to avoid the oppression of unfair taxes levied on them. They quit consuming the goods that the taxes were levied on.

Yeah there are health benefits, but that isn't what is truly driving the deep seated hate for what I see as a start of unfair and unrepresented taxation. Having a Stiff Drink and a smoke is part of my character, but due to the taxation because these are easy habits to pick on, I have ceased to further fund the liberal agenda.


bothenook said...

good luck! i quit after 43 years. tough, but doable.
just make sure everyone you interact with socially and personally understand that you are going to be a serious dickhead for a week or so.

W.C. Varones said...

Nice call.

I'm doing a similar personal tax revolt in California here.

reddog said...

I wish you good luck. I have been able to quit drinking for many years but never really have been able to stop smoking. I stopped for 4 years once and slid back like I never quit.

I know what I'll die from. Cold comfort, though.