Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Going Sinkers

After a wild year in life, including the last sea tour, retirement from the Canoe Club, Post Navy Employment, and getting reacquainted with Better half and young daughter.
Now Throw in the Epic election cycle with the outcome that the Republican party paved with golden bricks with their "Holier than thou" attitude to the common man in the past 4-6 yrs, a never ending war on two fronts and an economic meltdown that has kept the privileged few with their wealth, property and retirement enact while the rest are worried about our homes, jobs and quite possibly putting supper on the table.


I am taking a Snooze, a Siesta, a break, a noon er, Vacation, or just a sabbatical so to speak for about a week to make a run to the southwest, have me some green chile Enchiladas, cold margaritas with plenty of tequila, lime, salt and ice, go out to the desert, build a fire and get (more) drunk, howl at the moon with friends and family who are above the dirt and to remember those who have gone before us.

Hopefully, All good for the soul stuff.

When I get back, hopefully the brain housing group will be refitted and reset; ready to resume caustic commentary on the idiotic and just plain stupid that dominates our world.

Dolphin Three Three
Dolphin Three Seven


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blunoz said...

Have a safe trip and some awesome mexican food for me. My Boston-raised wife didn't like guacamole until our first PCS move drive across country when we stopped in Santa Fe, NM. I ordered a side of guacamole. The waiter brought a tray to our table with an empty bowl in the middle and a couple of avocados, tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic, and lime around the edge of the tray. He stood there and diced and chopped and mixed and mashed up the FRESHEST and most AWESOME guacamole I've ever had. THEN my wife learned why I like guacamole. We spent the next couple of years in San Diego trying to get an avocado tree to grow in our backyard because we kept buying so many avocados at the store.

LOVE the food in NM. Oh yeah, have some sopa-pillas for me while you're there, too!