Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A small public Service announcment

Before BT and going offline, I thought I would turn some of my readers on to Matt C at Twelve Fluid ounces, He is out there doing the job and has recently resurfaced with a good bit of reading that will make one remember "that's why I retired/Got out..."


MightyMom said...

hello and thank you for stopping by my place!

it's great to meet you and please come on back just any ol time....I keep coffee brewing in HUGE amounts.


MightyMom said...

oh yes, and as an addition to my commentary on our post-election blahs....

remember who came after Carter.

carbs said...

Thanks for the plug, Nereus. I appreciate it and wish you all the best on your respite in the Southwest.

The timing of your mention is great, because I am finishing up a five-part series on the major reasons I'm leaving the Canoe Club in half a year. It'll be running next week.

Until then, I have many other weighty topics to write about, including the elections, an ORSE, and Sara Bareilles.

Thanks again, and take care!

- Matt