Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rig ship for Dirty blue shirt work

I haven't been able to post to my blog as much as I would like recently.
Mainly due to:

1. I have a job and it takes up a lot of time.
2. I have a Better Half and daughter who take up most of the remainder of that time that I am not...
a. unconscious with sleep to restart item 1. or 2.
b. have some actual down time and can enjoy a malted beverage that never leads into a good blog entry.

There are so many national and international items on my dance ticket..

1. The Rep National Convention
2. The Rebuttal of that convention
3. The chill of the cold war that is looming out of the Black Sea and the Republic of Georgia.
4. I still need to blog on the Democratic National Convnetion
5. Man, I missed the Olympics??
6. Plus there are Comments on China, Host nation to 5. and the 500 lb gorilla that no one in the U.S. Govt wants to adress.

Oh yeah, then there are the bail outs, and other gross misuse of tax dollars

Busy busy busy..
Well I gotta jet, Better half has a garden plan and I have the pick ax and Shovel.

Go figure


Unknown said...

And don't forget the bats.

Bats! Bats everywhere!

Nereus said...

Damn Staight Brother,

I live in Washington State,

State bird is the LIBERAL MOONBAT

When planting the garden mentioned in the post, Had a MOONBAT who stopped her car and told me that I was going to contaminate the streams due to runoff from my garden.

Hmmm... My property... So who, if anyone should have a say in what I do with it within reason of the law and regulations.. I pay for it and pay the taxes..

Plus I was replacing bermuda/lawn grass that needs lots of water with native plants that thrive on the sun/rain cycle of this area.

HMM.. but a Volvo driving, sandal wearing Boomer who knows better than me..(Liberal Moonbat) had to stop and give me a reading of the green riot act..

See why I get a bit explosive about liberal opinions, They are rather rabid and proliforic around here..