Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey lookie here... I had an anniversary

Well, I have just realized that I have been Beating on the keys of this computer at an irregular interval for the past 2 yrs blogging about what ever has tickled my fancy enough to put forth the effort to post. I am still quasi amused with my first post and what I think is still my mission statement on my overall view of the world.
Free Box with every Pizza.

Well, I hope to continue to entertain and amuse the approx 3.5 folks who read this blog. (that includes the nice neighbor lady and my mom)

Well you can put away the party hats and noise makers. It ain't that important!

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blunoz said...

Happy Blogiversary Nereus! I'm sorry I don't comment more often, but I've enjoyed your posts. Thanks also for your recent comment encouraging me to continue blogging even though we're leaving Hawaii. I think I'll still find other stuff to complain about and stories to tell as time goes on. :-)