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I am doing a re-post of this because I found ultimately what I want to do when I grow up.. (it is the last in the pick of Jobs I want to do)

In the Twenty years I wore the “dirty blue shirt” there was always the give and take of the rate that you chose before you enlisted.

Coner’s would always give the Nuke’s the “chose your Rate-Chose your fate you SRB getting SOB’s”Sh#t when the 1MJ would power whine 2 minutes after watch relief on the mess decks.

Then, there was the same attitude from everyone for MT’s, whom during the first week of pulling in and the last week of pulling out of port would have to work like rabid monkeys to get all the maintenance done on the missile and other related systems.

Same held true with my rate when we would have to hydro ourselves to get the ship out of port and in deep blue water; then in and out again for each port/medivac/humivac and liberty call.

On a Submarine, Each rating had a skate time and a period of time that was just horrible.
I think the only Rate I never envied were the Yeomen.
Those poor devils had bad hours no matter where we were in a deployment period. And if they weren’t supporting the XO/CO for some major paperwork evolution, they were hosed with the 3MC/EDEA putting them on Drill weenie hours.

So there was always an envy factor between rates on the boat. No matter what rate you were,, you had some degree of envy for the other guy because he wasn't in your situation.

Now that I have transitioned to the Civilian side, I still have job envy.

I caught a nice brass ring getting out of the navy and found a great, well paying, satisfying way to make a living that I didn’t have to move, my commute is the same if not shorter than when I was in the Navy and I work with a great bunch of men who have the same twisted sense of humor I do.

But still, there are days I sigh and dream....


First, If I could do anything in the whole world over again, I would choose the Job of Mark Reid.

I grew up in New Mexico with Mark. Actually he was more like an uncle to me than a peer. He is a man of many talents and a great overall guy.
He is a Master Body Painter

Here are some Examples of his work

And Those aren't Blue Jeans,, Those babies are painted on.

This is his specialty in the buisness.

Working with some of these women, I guess you could see the Envy factor.

I am sure that there are day’s Mark asks himself “ Why don’t I do Something Else” like every man can and I am sure does. But I am sure that the are far less frequent than most of us.


To airbrush those girls.


His website Mark Reid Art

And if I couldn’t be a Master Body Painter like Mark,

I would chose this Guy's Job

He has such a Kick ass set of tools, I don’t know if it’s job envy or tool envy that drives me to want to take his place.

Cabinets, tables, Dado’s, Mortis bits…. The ENTIRE collection of Porter Tools, and Delta Tools. Plus a really cool workshop that seems to never have a wife messing with the stuff.

He can take a pallet that has been run over by a Semi and turn it into a French Colonial Cuckoo clock or some other way cool yet useless piece of furniture.

And Finally, Here is the job I really want.

Paid to be like Statler and Waldorf.
I would love to have a job where I have nothing to do other than have an unlimited license to insult,mock and belittle all foolishness in the world.

Well there you have it.

I chosen my first rate after the Navy. But there is still the things I still dream of being when the job I have is boring and mundane.

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