Friday, March 23, 2007

Horses, Cows, Whales and Chinese spies Oh My !!

The news on the Internet is full of goodness for those of us who tread the deep. First, we have what may be one of the biggest security leaks for the Navy and the Submarine force in particular since John Walker started to sell us out to the Russians. A top engineer at a major U.S. defense contractor, Chi Mak is standing accused of Espionage that could have sever ramifications to bubble heads for years to come
The 66-year-old Mak is set to go on trial Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to export U.S. defense secrets to China, possession of property in aid of a foreign government and failure to register as a foreign agent. He could get more than 50 years in prison if convicted”.
“Prosecutors say the Chinese-born Mak was working for China from 1983 until his arrest two years ago, stealing hundreds of documents about a number of defense systems, including the weapons, nuclear reactors and propulsion systems aboard U.S. submarines.”
The article I picked up on in the Seattle PI online, paints Mr Mak as a hardworking immigrant on a work Visa who obtained his citizenship papers after working in the US. Just another case of mistaken Identity I am sure.
“Hidden in their luggage were encrypted disks containing copies of documents on a submarine propulsion system, according to court papers.
The propulsion technology suppresses noise to make submarines virtually undetectable underwater and is "one of the biggest secrets that we have in developments in submarine technology and anti-submarine warfare," Moore said.”
Sure everyone flies to a foreign country with a few encrypted disks with sensitive material on them.
The maddening part of it all is that he will be tried in California. We will see if they hold steady to the undermining of the constitution and anything the resembles justice and order in the country.

Speaking of California, Here they go again trying to regulate the Navy on the high seas again. I always thought that California ended at the beach and maybe are allowed 10nm outside that limit. Instead a group of tree (or is that Kelp)huggers are suing the Navy yet again on the behalf of the whales and other marine mammals. Story Posted
“The commission contends federal law gives it the power to limit the Navy's exercises to comply with a state law that protects coastal and marine resources.”
A law that permits the State of California, and better yet a “commission” to dictate to the Navy on how to use it’s equipment. This is probably the same set of knuckle heads who don't want anything to track containers on ships because that would impead free trade And if that isn’t insane enough, the ender to the article is a real hoot
“In a separate lawsuit, a coalition of environmental groups led by the Santa Monica-based Natural Resources Defense Council faulted the Navy for failing to prepare an environmental impact statement on the planned drills. It's the fifth time the NRDC has sued the Navy over the sonar issue”.

And Finally if all of this makes you thirsty for a cold one to contemplate the miserable state of affairs, Don’t Go Here if you live in Kitsap Co Wa.
“Top Ten Kitsap Bars for DUI in 2006 (state ranking)
1. Romeo's Bar and Grill, Kitsap Way, Bremerton (No. 1 in state) ... 64 DUIs
2. Suquamish Clearwater Casino, Suquamish Way, NK (No. 11) ... 30 DUIs
3. Horse and Cow Bar and Grill, Northlake Way, CK (No. 18) ... 28 DUIs
4. The End Zone, Bethel Road, South Kitsap (No. 64) ... 17 DUIs
5. Front Street Bar and Grill, Front Street, Poulsbo (No. 74) ... 15 DUIs
6. Mako's Bar and Grill, Bay Street, Port Orchard (No. 95) ... 14 DUIs
7. Bremerton Lanes and Casino, Bruenn Avenue, Bremerton (No. 103) ... 13 DUIs
8. The 19th Hole, Erlands Point Road, Central Kitsap (No. 139) ... 11 DUIs
9. Our Place Pub and Eatery, Silverdale Way, Silverdale (No. 149) ... 10 DUIs
10. All Star Lanes and All Star Casino, Silverdale Way, CK (No. 176) ... 9 DUIs “
With special emphasis on the submariner watering hole The Horse and Cow.
It is well known that the troopers literally line up around there at closing time. So if you don’t have a buddy or a ride. Just don’t drink. Maybe just enjoy a cold one at home and visit via the Internet Click on pictures, put on a red hat and simulate fun.

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