Monday, January 11, 2010

Strike the colors, Secure the watch

I have decided to decomm the blog.

I don't really have a unique hobby or occupation to blog about. My personal life is well, personal so I don't blog about that.

I've been retired from the navy for a while so that isn't an irritant to blog about any longer.

I hold views on our current political and economic situation. But there is already a myriad of bloggers and pundits out there and adding my opinion is like taking a piss in a typhoon... I just don't have an interesting enough point of view to try and rise above that background noise.

So there ya are. A retired, reclusive, shift working Submariner without enough personal time to write.

"Attention to Quarters"


"All secure about the decks. The running lights have been extinguished, the cannonballs have been removed and the cannon has been spiked."

"Strike eight bells,"

"Haul down the colors."

"Secure the watch."


Anonymous said...

That's a shame because, though we may feel that we add nothing to the discussion (I know I do at times), its important to still express our opinions. You may say something in a blog that maybe a dozen people read. Three of them go and talk about it to their friends. That spurs those friends to go and do some reading, and then talk to others, who may email the local letters to the editor, or their congressman. Or not. But you never know how far the ripples go or who they're going to effect. Remember, your voice was out there, joined with all the other voices. If everybody thought "my voice doesn't count" we'd all be silent. Speech is like voting - you gotta do it to keep doing it.

Please bring the blog out of mothballs, and send her back to the fleet. So maybe you don't blog as much, and that's OK. Just keep doing it.

Buck said...

If you like keeping in touch with people but feel you may not have all that much to say, try posting a photo a day of your area. Have a look at some of the blogs over at citydailyphoto for some examples.

I subscribe via an RSS reader. Should you decide to post every so often, even to say Happy Fourth of July, I'll read it.

blunoz said...

Very sorry to read this. I agree with SonarMan and Buck. I also subscribe via RSS feed, so anytime you post something new it'll just come up in Google reader. There's no urgency and no need to post every day or even every month, but I look forward to hearing what you have to say (reading what you have to write?) when the muse is upon you.

No pressure though. It's your decision. You will be missed.

reddog said...

S'OK, blogging's for nerds, geeks, dorks and blowhards. You're probly not any a those. I flatter myself a dork because the only alternative is blowhard. I'm not smart enough to be a nerd or geek.

See'ya down ta end o' the Pike, shipmate.

Sandy Salt said...

Fair winds and following seas, your insight will be missed.