Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pulling a Brett Favre

After drinking some coffee and reading the comment section of yesterday’s post, I have decided to keep posting. Thanks Sonarman , Buck, Blunoz, Red dog and Sandy Salt for stopping by and commenting.

Red Dog, I guess I fall in the geek category. Buck, sorry I didn’t hyperlink your blog because ever time I tried to open it IE would freak out and crash.

After contemplating the opinions over some java and considering the fact that there really isn’t another forum that a person can have an open opinion under a Nome de plume. I will keep my soap box to rail and rant against the absurdity and ignorance of our society.

My main reason for quitting the blog was the fact that I am striving to follow through on my projects. There have been way too many projects that I have fallen short on because of time or budget and I am trying to discipline myself to not start an endeavor that I will only take to a half ass status. So my personal critique of my blog was that I wasn’t making any difference. Thus, I was going for closure. I did feel more than a ting of regret for hitting the publish post yesterday. I guess the upside is that I didn't go to the blogger dashboard and delet the entire blog.

I enjoy writing when the muse hits, but there are only 24 hrs in a day and most of the time all the waking ones are booked with the responsibilities of being a father, husband, and employee. I miss being in the Navy, it was a rich source of blogging material.
Where I am currently employed, not so much. I really enjoy my job, but what I do is both classified and proprietary to my employer; so nuff said about that. But a large part of the day I spend is unbloggable.

So, stay tuned I will post again soon. I am sure that the popular culture, political and economic arena of our society will provide fodder.


Buck said...

I enjoy writing when the muse hits...

You might find that as you tackle some of your projects that the muse visits more often! We're all in this together; keep your stick on the ice.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you had second thoughts. I am going to college right now, so my blogging has been welded to the pier - but soon... soon...

Whenever you have time, my brother.

Nereus said...

Buck, Sonarman,

Thannks for stopping by again and commenting.

Buck, Nice Red Geen reference. One of my favorite shows.

Sonarman, I know what you mean by stuck to the pier. Look forward to your take on some of the madness the elected representives of our republic are indulging in.

blunoz said...

I'm glad you didn't click that dreaded "delete blog" button (sort of like that big red "coffee" button in Monsters vs. Aliens?). I'm also glad that you reconsidered. I agree with what Buck said. The more you get out and work on those projects, the more you'll have new experiences to write about. There's no deadline, no pressure, no urgency to write - I look forward to reading when the muse is upon you. Keep up the good work!