Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodbye to summer

Today the family had it's annual open house and BBQ.
We invite all our friends and acquaintances in the area to come over and have a sit, visit and enjoy some food. I grilled 8 lbs of pork loin, 10 lbs of pork ribs, a 14 lbs turkey, 5 lbs of Zucchini and squash coated with olive oil and garlic, Hot Dogs, and Burgers.
We also had baked beans, apple pie, Rhubarb apple pie, Pasta salad (3 varieties, Cold Slaw, Cheese cake, and a half sheet cake from Costco. Add Ice tea, sodas, and the Ball game on the radio combined with a sunny 80 degree day in the Northwest.
It couldn't have been a better end to the season and getting reacquainted with old friends.

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blunoz said...

Wow that's a TON of food! Looks and sounds delicious though.