Monday, April 13, 2009


This video was recorded on January 12, 2009 before the stimulus (porkulus) bill was passed.
Pelosi said, “I can pledge to you that no earmark or any of that, any description you want to make of it will be in the bill that passes the House.”

Most people would call that perjury. In the Navy we called it falsifying official statements, I think She and Congress should be held accountable. How can you hold up your right hand and make a statement and not follow through. Unless that is you were either a pathological liar, or part of a group of people who are view themselves above the laws of our country. They feel that they are anointed to rule over the rest of us and don't need to be subject to the rules, laws and regulations they pass for the rest of the unwashed. We are only here to fund their salary, staff, travel and retirement.

These are the fools who are pissing away the treasury and doing their level best to destroy the credibility of our country both home and abroad. It isn't a party problem either, Republicans are paving the road to hell as fast as the Democrats. It is just a contest who can push their way in front of the camera to brag about it and stroke their overinflated ego first.

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beebs said...

Politicans lie for a living. There is no changing them.

Pelosi is from a very safe district here in the gay Bay. The only way to get her out of Congress is feet first.