Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just helping out a Shipmate

Joel, our beloved author of The Stupid Shall be Punished (the blog title I enviously wish I had for my blog. ) is in the running for some kind of Internet popularity contest. SOOO.. being a shipmate I am quoting an excerpt of his blog

Coming Up On The Weekend Push!

Remember, you can (and should) vote for The Stupid Shall Be Punished every 24 hours, from every computer to which you have access, for "Best Up And Coming Blog" on the 2008 Weblog Awards. We haven't been able to close the ~50 vote gap by which Savage Politics is ahead of me for the lead, but thanks to all your dedicated voting I'm about 100 votes clear of 3rd place. (I currently have 576 votes - thanks much!) Looks like it'll be an exciting race through the weekend until voting ends on Monday.

If you're having a hard time deciding who to vote for, please consider these endorsements I picked up from 4 random people I ran across:

"Bubblehead is getting no special snuggling unless he wins this thing!" -- SubBasket

"Ewww, Mom... Gross!" -- Adult Daughter

"Vote for Cancer Guy!" -- Sean Kennedy, noted film critic

"You want an endorsement, old man? How 'bout you put some gas in my truck, and then we'll talk endorsements." -- Robert Kennedy, standardized test expert

Click here to vote!

Click and Vote for Joel.

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Bubblehead said...

Thanks so much for the help!