Sunday, August 17, 2008

Submarine Blogger Roundup for August 08

Here is another roundup of all the Submarine Bloggers I could find on the Internet.

I am posting in a different format this time, I didn't include my interpretation of the blog postings, You will have to just go and read them yourself.

I have also categorized them by who has been blogging frequently, and those who have all together abandoned blogging but still have a few good sea stories to read.

If I have missed a blog, or there is a new Submarine blogger out there who hasn't been identified, Please post a comment so I can include it.

Conducting operations (Active Bloggers)
Sandy Salt
A Geezer’s corner
The Stupid Shall Be punished
Unconsidered Trifles
Robs Blog
The Cook Shack
Molten Eagle
Gus Van Horn
Doc MacDonald
USS Dolphin
Right Mind
Musings of an old man
Da fox hole
Aloha Dump
Reality Frame
Twelve Fluid Ounces
Submarines Forever
USS Boston Sail and Rudder CO LTD
The Old Coot
DCS Security
USS Augusta
Midwatch Cowboy
Blowing San #1
In Through The Out Door
Blunoz random ramblings
Sleepy Eyed Whiners of the Deep
Emergency Blow
Checks with Chart
Decks Awash!
No Slack, Fast Attack
Myron’s Random Thoughts
One of the better stories ever told
Boomer Rider

Drydock (6 months to 10 months since the last post)


Reserve Fleet (Greater than 10 months in posting)

Hundreds of Fathoms
Zero Bubble
Discomfort of Thought
Snapshot tube 2
Submarine Sailor
Desert Periscope
Torpedo in the Water
Adventures of the Professor Lieutenant
Run Aground

Missing and presumed lost

The EM Log

Submarine Forums

Rontini’s BBS

Submarine News

The Sub Report

Again if I missed a Blog, Please let me know, I have done enough cut and paste that there are URL's Stuck on the the ceiling, my chair, It's just a mess around here...


Mal said...

Hey Ultra - I hope all is well. You had us on the list before but I was not broadcasting for a while there... I've had you for a while in one of Bloggers new widgets that pops out the latest post... LT BubbleHead has a fantastic list of sub sites as well. He has been attracting some X nukes that should be on Prozac as of late... but he has been beating them down as necessary... hope you have smooth sailing.

Regards - Mal

Former QM2(SS) Plankowner USS Augusta - Founder USS Augusta Alumni Association

carbs said...

Thanks so much for the linking/publicity. It is much appreciated. All the best...

- Matt (RC-div/LRYN, SSN 691)