Saturday, July 19, 2008

Submarine Blogger Roundup for July 2008

Here is a synopsis of the Facts, opinions, and other fun published by fellow bubble head bloggers for the month of July or earlier.
So, In Alpha numerical order(By blog address ) so no one is deemed a “Golden boy” here they are:

Trickish Knave, First put his Blog in Hot Wet Layup, and then Reconsidered after he found the political climate of upcoming elections too irresistible.

Molten Eagle writes of a Submarine mafia, weighs in on the Capital of Submarines debate, Stew burner’s and the PBS special on those large easy targets, a bird farm, Carrier.

Blunoz and family are getting off Island and on to new destinations with their life and career. He has orders back to the beltway and all the headaches that go with such a move.

Bothnook took a few days of fly fishing with family and then started to lay in supplies for the holiday baking. Finally, he offers insight on the alternative energy debate and global warming

Chap has some posts that link to rather long political discussions

Midwatch Cowboy has everything from a Google “find an Iranian Nuclear facility to Kursk photos.

Mike Lief has cats, dogs, political commentary. He muses over the current political debate in our country and some other subjects.

Myron has been in and out of Surgery for what has become a pretty common ailment that causes a lot of pain and suffering Best of luck on the recovery

Redneck Nerdboy, Well, with a title of Hamsters, dogs and horses... oh my! What more can I say???

Rich is still serving in the “Sand Box” in the reserves. Posts vary from CPO leadership (From a PO1’s opinion) to the fun of serving in a far away place that is not home.

Right Mind, Ranked as Idaho's #1 Political Blog. Need I say more.

Jay has done some traveling, posts about the up coming Virginia class boats and the up coming national elections.

Submandave has recently surfaced again with political commentary

Sonarman,has posting on deck div days, the commercialism of Independence day and the demise of FTN’s blog.

Cookie, well he keeps us entertained daily with his blog. Full of humor and jokes. He has also been a major contributor to getting something done for our troops with the Gregory J Harris Military Courtesy Room at the Syracuse International Airport.

FTN is now offline. The full reason may never be known. Bloggers will miss the postings.

Joel is still leading Submariners to breaking news for the Submarine force, PT uniforms, Movie reviews and continuing to Mock and Belittle general foolishness.

Matt at Twelve Fluid ounces has has resurfaced after doing the job and has numerous posts. ( I need to catch up on him)

Zerobubble has articles an the HMS Astute and USS Lagarto.

There you have it. If I missed you, Drop me a comment and I will update the list.

Update 21 July 2008,

Since this is the first time I tried to do the Roundup, here are those I missed (So Far)
If you know of a Submariner blog, Please leave me a comment and I will do my best to add them.

RM1 has postings on Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge who competed in the Miss England Competition, RIMPAC memories, Medal of Honor recipients and recipients of the Victorian Cross

Spearfish has a really comprehensive British Navy and Submarine Site

Megamunch and a few friends had 120 oz (SEVEN and a half POUNDS) of steak EACH!! You have to see the photos to believe it

Ted has postings on the Glasgow Scottish Festival.

Checks with Chart has a RIMPAC post, and the controversial topic of UFO’s and Nuclear Missiles. Worth checking out.

Willyshake posts on the next James Bond movie and the USAA’s car purchasing services.

Jay has a posting on Smokers who sneak around to support their hasbit and the one’s who still defy the Politically Correct WE KNOW better than you crowd.

And with that I will now go have a smoke.


Anonymous said...

Ya, go look at subamrine museums dot org and see their video on the submarines that are museums. Its a good one.


Anonymous said...

The zerobubble article onAstute is a year old!

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

If I missed you, Drop me a comment and I will update the list.


bothenook said...

very cool. thanks for taking up the mantle.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I've been a moderate frequency blogger for a little over a year now. Life as a JO!