Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life in the Slow Lane

Well, my second post, I am working on getting over some of the technical details of writing in this format. The hard one being additions of links to the blog. I will flop and flail for a few more days before stopping to read the directions. Typical Bubblehead. Nothing in the world today that caused a spike in blood pressure.

38.870863N, 77.055917W Pentagon
I ran across an interesting couple of articles while reading my usual items on the Internet . It was also the lead story on the NBC nightly News. The latest is that they are recalling 2,500 inactive reserve Marine Corp personnel to active duty. I am active duty in the Navy and will always execute the lawful orders given to me. But being a Submariner, there is a part of me that question the overall planning and execution of the war in Iraq. In other words, WTFO?? While all the Marines I know are some of the most loyal individuals I have ever met, I am sure there are a vast majority of those 2,500 who felt that they have done their time honorably and are DONE. This isn't anything new, the US Army tried it a year or so ago and had tepid results at best on the actual number of people that showed back up. The Army didn’t really spend a lot of time or money trying to beat the bushes to find those who didn’t bother to be reassimalated. But still, this sounds like a plan to recirculate people to make up for the shortfall in qualified people showing up at the front door of the recruiter. Marines in their second or third years of on-call service will be tapped, because those in their first years just finished active duty and those in their fourth years have almost completed their military obligations. And I was really hoping that the people in charge of the war had more neurons making contact than what’s rattling inside my nugget. Well, I will have to see where this goes….

21°18'32" N, 157°49'34" W Oahu, Hawaii
The local crime never ceases to keep me from shaking my head in wonder. On island we have had a crime wave of copper theft. Namely from the streetlamps and Freeway lights.
The theives are even brazen enough to assume the cover of DOT road workers. Quote from Honolulu Advertiser
“Police have at least three felony investigations open in
connection with the thefts, but say it is difficult to apprehend
the thieves, who may be donning orange vests and hardhats"
and portraying themselves as state Transportation Department
Wow, a working DOT crew, That should gather a few calls to the Crimestoppers hotline.
Keep your pennies well hidden folks, you might be next.


Just Another Old Geezer said...

Copper theft has been a major probllem in Houston. Mostly churches and businesses are getting the copper tubing stolen from th e A/C units out doors. Try Houston in the summer with no A/C. Well, it can be done. We didn't have A/C when I was a kid and survived but the last 45 years have spoiled mebig time.

bothenook said...

hey dude. glad to see you posting. please allow me to give you a strong suggestion, if i may.
most of us learned this the hard way. write your post in word, notepad, or somewhere like that first, save it, copy it, and then drop it into a post. that way, when you hit the wrong button, or blogger takes a nap, you don't lose that killer post you worked up. i have seriously BTDT enough that i almost quit blogging for a while because of frustration.
since i started doing my entries in word and saving them BEFORE i post, i haven't lost one yet. when the post shows on the blog, i kill the saved doc file.
keep writing.

Nereus said...

Thanks for the advice, I found that what you write can go to the bit bucket faster than free beer on the pier. I do it in a word doc now, save and post.

reddog said...

If the Government don't have the guts to impose a draft during a time of war, maybe they aren't fighting the right people. Just my opinion.

I'm putting up a link to you if that's all right.

Trickish Knave said...

I guess bothenook's program doesn't flag for capitalized letters at the beginning of sentences. ;)

Copper theft? I was going to say that the ice heads in Hawaii will steal anything to support the habit but derelicts in Houston are doing it too.

Anonymous said...

This isn't english class, this is just another toaster full of blackened bread and soul sucking. People who correct the vernacular or sentence structures that other people leave are only wasting their time.