Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Box with every Pizza!!

I have been inspired to start blogging after reading some other well written blogs, Aloha Dump by Trickish Knave and The Stupid shall be punished by Bubblehead.
I don't know where to post a disclaimer because some topics will most likely rub some of the touchy feely types wrong. So for now here it is.
I am a Submariner and my sense of humor tends to go toward the gutter (actually the sewer) faster than ice water in Hell.
I have no illusions about the world being full of kittens and warm cookies because it is a tough, mean place and full of the same in people. The American education system and commercial media have brainwashed/bullshitted a large portion of American people into thinking we can all sit down, talk through our feelings, give everyone the benefit of the doubt and by sunset the world will be singing kumbya around the campfire with marsh mallows.
My take on the world is that American dream is Dead on Arrival, if it ever existed at all. Today it seems the masses are busy indenturing themselves, buying the latest in all manner of consumer merchendise that won't amount to a hill of shit a year from now and suffering from apathy toward the staggering spendfest by our leaders and undermining of the middle class by corporate america. Feel free to comment, argue, debate or agree. I just call it as I see it and man enough to retract it if I am wrong.


loddfafnir said...


reddog said...

Greetings Old Man of the Sea, progeny of Potus and Gaea, consort of Doris, father of Amphitrite and her Nereidian cohort. Aid us in our labours by directing us to the fruit of Hesperides. Intercede with Posiedon in our favor through his wife, your daughter, and her fishy sisters.

Tell it like it is swabbie, we can take it!

Watch out for that Bothenook when he comes around. Come around my site anytime, but not if you're easily offended.

bothenook said...

way to go wick. scare the poor pup before i even get a chance to come visit. boy.
howdy bubblehead. welcome to the wonderful world of bubblesphere blogging!
consider yourself hooked up. come visit, and check out the other submariners listed in my links.
any good seastories?
fire them up!

Just Another Old Geezer said...

If this first post is any indication, this is gonna be a fun place to visit. Welcome from another ol' worn out boat sailor. I'm addin' you to my links in anticipation of some fine bloggin'. And like bo says, any good NTINSers?

Va Beach Herb said...

Okay first off, what do you want to be called for short? Right? Aries? RAOA?
Welcome to the sub-blog world,
I wish you many hits.
Having said that, your first post is intriguing and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.
Best of luck on the blog.

Bubblehead said...

Welcome! If you'd like to join our group submarine blog "Ultraquiet No More", drop me a note at joel(dot)bubblehead(at)gmail(dot)com.

Nereus said...

Thanks all for the warm welcome to the blogsphere.