Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Case for the Left to Cry Torture?

I found this cruising the news sources on the ‘net.

“Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is being made to watch his appearance in cult cartoon South Park while he is behind bars.
The deposed leader on trial in Iraq was featured in the movie spin-off as the lover of the devil. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut featured Hussein and Satan attempting to take over the world together.
Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said US Marines guarding the former dictator during his trial for genocide were making him watch the movie "repeatedly".
"I have it on pretty good information from the Marines on detail in Iraq that they showed him the movie last year. That's really adding insult to injury. I bet that made him really happy," Stone said. “

While this is funny to most anyone with a sense of humor or irony, and I personally think it’s hilarious. We all know there are those out there whom would make a issue of torture or some other convoluted /distorted blown out of proportion point to further discredit those who are working their ass off to get the job done in Iraq. I am sure that there really isn’t a great deal of “evidence” to support this, How ever with the witch hunt mentality of the media and other supporters of the anti war, I would hate to be the OIC and rest of the chain of command above that would have to gather the evidence to discredit the claim.
Oh well, I guess the movie went well with the Doritos he has such a love for.

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