Monday, September 27, 2010

Do the Puyallup

Saturday the family went to the Puyallup Fair. ( Spoken pew all up) Here in Western Washington it is the largest fair in the area.  I am from New Mexico and it is as large as the New Mexico State fair in Albuquerque.  The Better half had freebie tickets for the family because she is a teacher so really it was just the cost of gas and food.
  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  Couldn't have asked for better. The Sun shined all day ( a rare sight in this area during the fall) with the temp in the mid 70's to upper 70's.  

I always liked the going to fairs for the food, exhibits and all the crap that the merchants are hawking in sales halls.  You rarely see most of these products outside of the Fair.  I am still upset that the Better half wouldn't let me have a velvet that the "artist" would paint a likeness of me at the same poker table as Tony Montana (Scar Face), Don Vito(The Godfather), Henry Hill, Jimmy "The Gent" Conway and Tommy DeVito(Goodfellas).   I got the same answer for the Mexican Lucha Libre mask.   We passed all the cures for all the ails in the world and I am sure that every chiopractor in the greater Seattle/Olympia area had a booth and would do a "Free spinal evaluation"

The food was the usual scrumptious array of BBQ, burgers, dogs on a stick, fries, elephant ears, and the Belle of the Puyallup fair, the scone.
The Scone booths had lines wrapped around them all day long.   People were buying them by the dozen.  And the closer the the end of the day the longer the lines were because most folks are stocking up to take them home.
The best deal of the fair was the Mountian mist bottled water co.  They had 1qt cold water bottles for about 3 bucks and you could refill them at the other M.M. booths that were located all around the fair.
Of course the draw back to this is that the prices for most things (except the scones and water) were a bit high to down right breath taking
The rides were along the lines of 4-6 dollars a ride,  The young daughter was a bit crestfallen about not going on rides, but she got a few visits to other amusement parks this summer.   The past few years the fair had a "dizzy pass"  20 bucks for a wrist band and you could ride all day.   But I guess in the current economic situation everyone is scrapping for all the money they can get.
If any readers get a chance to be in the Seattle/Olympia are in September, Do the Puyallup.  There is plenty to see and do, even if you are a total tightwad like me.

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reddog said...

I grew up with masked Mexican wrestlers at the Olympic Auditorium in LA. They still have them.

They were like super heros, only real.