Sunday, November 08, 2009

They didn't fail to disappoint

The Crooks in the House on the Hill

The weekend session, the endless prattle on the house floor on an amendment that has no substance and was nothing but whitewash to spin any accusation of supporting abortion with fed dollars. The fact that the entire bill was a massive steaming pile of crap, un-reviewed by the public, drafted behind closed doors, and then crammed down our throat in the middle of the night after a cursory debate. No regard for the opinion of the public that they were elected to represent.

I am now a PISSED off American. I support the idea that the basic health care should be something that all WORKING Americans should be able to obtain. But the skulduggery that the House cobbled together to steal from the citizens and support themselves and their special interests is TREASON.

What part of NO we don't want this, didn't they grasp from their constituents? The town hall's, the marches, the letters Phone calls and Emails.

We need to clean the place out.. No incumbent, Democrate or Republican should be re-elected from 2010 forward until anyone who was present in this congress is out of office.

The upside of this, The Senate hasn't touched this third rail yet, and they have a very different bill outlined.

As I read on a comment this morning on this subject; We aren't fucked, But we can see fucked from here.

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