Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday funny

This is a good one...submariners and the Air Force...

After 9/11 an old Submarine Chief asked the CNO to return him to

active duty and send him to the middle east. Of course the CNO

refused, and told the old submariner he had served his time on

patrol and should relax and enjoy his golden years. The 'ole Chief wasn't

at all pleased, so he wrote the Secretary of the Navy with the same

request. Back came the reply for him to enjoy his golden years,

because this war was a young man's war and there was no place for


That really pissed him off, so he wrote his congressman a long,

heart wrenching letter explaining in great detail just why he felt he

should be returned to active duty. Back came the reply almost word for

word, the same as the SecNav response....... The 'ole Chief was livid.

He went down to the beach in Norfolk Virginia, bought a rowboat, and

vowing to get to the Persian Gulf one way or the other, he set out

rowing his boat and singing the Anchors away my boys, Anchors away

"........... and off he rowed for the gulf.

Saint Peter had been watching this grizzled 'ole CPO all the while,

and was at first amused by it all but had grown increasingly

concerned as the Chief displayed his commitment to his objective. Saint

Peter finally turned to God for advice on how to deal with this unwavering

old salt. After hearing the saga unfold, God advised Saint Peter to be

merciful and take the Chief's brain, since that was the center of

thought, and he would simply abandon the idea about getting to the

Persian Gulf. Now, having taken God's advice and removing the

Chief's brain, St. Peter observed little if any change in the CPO's

behavior. He continued to row his boat and sing at the top of his voice

"Anchors away my boys, anchors away ".......

A little frustrated at the lack of results of his efforts, St.

Peter turned again to his God and asked, "Now what?" God said,

"Well OK, take his heart, because not even an old sewer pipe sailor can

function without a heart. So, that should end it." But when St. Peter had

completed his task, and removed the Chief's heart, he was again

amazed that little if any change could be observed in the Chief's behavior

as he continued to row his boat and sing "Anchors away my boys,

anchors away "....... at-the-top-of-his-voice.

Once again, St. Peter asked God for assistance with this unusual

situation for which there seemed to be no solution.

This time God responded by suggesting that St. Peter should remove

the old boat sailor's testicles, since it's a well known fact that

steely eyed killers of the deep can't function without their testicles.

Otherwise, what would be the reason for submariners having the

worldwide reputation of having the balls to do the impossible?

Convinced this was the answer, St. Peter went to work and removed

the 'ole Chief's balls. Again, St. Peter observed the submariner, this

time with his balls, brains and heart removed, rowing in a never

ending circle singing, "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder."

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