Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just freekin speechless

I haven't blogged much as of late, The combination of living life, working and the never ending cascade of buffoonery in Washington DC, and Wall ST have left me in the dust to get up on my internet soap box and shake my fist at the absurdity.

We are a mere two weeks away from the Day that every American who is eligible should go and exercise their duty to the country and constitution and VOTE.

Get that few readers, learn the Facts on the Local, State and National levels and participate to elect the best choice to guide our country in the near term. Just because "Good Ole Boy" Congress man Billy Bob has held that seat for the last Twenty freakin years isn't the correct answer to the needs of our republic today.

I am not endorsing either party or candidate here.. I am not really a fan of either's overall vision or overall policy. They have all sold the American soul down the river to special interest in the name of Money and to Keep their position of elitism in the beltway.

Our Country needs Men and Women who are willing to serve and put aside thier Ego for the greater good of our republic. Unfortunately the ballots in the nation are far short of these.


Buck said...

Bravo Zulu.

Vote for 'none of the above' - use your write-in and let both parties know you're mad and not going to take it anymore!

reddog said...

If you have spent every penny you could beg, borrow or steal, you are screwed but no more than the guy who worked hard, lived low and saved every cent.

There is no way out of this for anybody. The dollar is the only thing holding up and that won't last long.

The best quote I've heard is from 91 year old Kirk Kerkorian, who has lost 50% of his billion dollar fortune in the last six months and is poised to lose a lot more.

He said, "I lived one year too long."

I own my house. I can always work. I guess I'll do that. I'm a lot luckier than most.

beebs said...

I disagree on your request for all to get educated and vote. First off, over fifty percent of the voters vote a straight party ticket. I did this until 2006, then realized in the democratic district I am in that my vote didn't count and was a waste.

Yes, a waste.

So I quit voting in 2008, the first vote I had missed since 1975. It hurt, bad. But now I realize that voting gives the state consent to continue to abuse me, the would be vote.

I make a principled stand and refuse to vote. I encourage others to do this. My wife thinks I'm crazy, I tell her, "No, I'm an anarchist.


Subvet said...

As the native here in Texas say, "Vote early, vote often".