Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Day

The post is a bit late, earlier last week I finally got the Blue ID card and my status as a full citizen back again. I have no reservations for serving my country for 20 years. I enjoyed most times, loathed some others and generally feel that my small contribution made a difference.

Overall, I was one of the Crew..
I didn't do anything that warrant's a medal, parade, or anything above a footnote in history. Other than I was there and I served.

I gladly did the job, stood the watches and what ever was asked of me.

I take pride that I was a strand in the long line that makes up the history of our Navy and our country.

I hope all enjoy the Holiday and the price other's have paid for us to celebrate it.



Cookie..... said...

Hey Nereus, thanks for stopping by the Cookshack and leaving your comment. I didn't know you were a regulary.

I liked your post for today. It describes what many of us did, which is follow orders and do what needed to be done, but without us, very little would have gotten done, at least correctly. BTW, in todays world, your service to our country indicates your respect and sense of duty and is worthy of thanks and praise.

All the best of luck to your "better half" in her upcoming career field of teaching, and I can only hope that when she teaches history, she'll do it in a balanced, fair and objective manner. I just left a comment on another bloggers site from England ( Gert from "Developing your Web Presence" in my blogroll). I told him a true story about a conversation I had about Pearl Harbor with one of kid's teachers many years back.

She (the teacher) stated, with an antagonistic attitude, "Well, what was the United States doing in Hawaii in the first place. If we hadn't been trying to conguer the Hawaian Islands and its people, the Japanese wouldn't have had to try and liberate them!" I have no idea of how many kids went away from that classroom with a very skewed view of the United States and our history.

Take care mate,


Subvet said...

Welcome to Civlant.

Subvet said...

Let me amend my last post, it should read "Welcome to CivPac". I didn't realize you were a west coast sailor. Sorry about that.

blunoz said...

Congratulations and THANK YOU for your service to our Navy and our country!

Nereus said...

Thank you from the bottom of my submarine going heart. Pats on the back from fellow Bubble head's and Vet's mean so much