Thursday, June 26, 2008

When a shot to center of mass just isn’t enough

I was reading my “home town” newspaper the other day and I ran across an article that was a bit disturbing.
I have edited names and places for my satisfaction, Emphasis and comments are mine.
A 21-year-old Roswell man was arraigned in a Chaves County courtroom Monday after police said he was wounded by a gunshot during a home invasion attempt nearly two weeks ago.

According to court records, police arrested LXXX GXXXX, 21, on June 16 in connection with a home invasion a day earlier, at the 400 block of East SXXXXX Street.

Gxxxx was arraigned on charges of aggravated assault, attempted aggravated burglary, tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property.

About 6 a.m. on June 15, police responded to a call that a man had attempted to gain access to a home along Sxxxxt Street. The homeowner told police he shot the man in the chest, records show. Good on him, taking the initiative and not being a victim. See the 2nd amendment has a reason.

Homeowner Gxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx told police the man was knocking on his door and ringing his doorbell early that morning.

Sxxxxxx told police he got his gun (as you should when something is afoot at the wee hours of the morning) before opening the door and the man said "someone was after him." The man said he needed to talk to Sxxxxxx inside his house.
(Nope, no one steps over the treshold unless they are know, trusted or have a warrent)
Shortly after, the situation escalated and the man tried to force his way into the home.

Sxxxxxx shot the man once through his security door. (I wonder the caliber and fire arm used. Seems that this should have been enough of a detterent to keep this A##hole out. I would have double tapped and have LARGE Calibler-High Velocity weapons for this reason)

After he fired the shot, he heard two or three gunshots outside the house, according to court records. (See Lib's, the Bad guys have them, so why not defend thyself and home?)
No one else was injured. (Good Weapons Managment on the citizen's part)

Sxxxxxx told police he noticed that the man was wearing a bullet-proof vest and holding a gun, records show.
Now the criminals are showing up with better protection than Law enforcement or citizens. I am sure that the courts will dismiss the fact that this is clearly intent to do harm and protect himself.

Sxxxxxx identified Gxxxx in a photo lineup and police arrested him on an outstanding warrant on June 16.
(Again, another scumbag that the system has turned loose because the justice system is too worried about the rights of people who have absolutely no moral compass and will kill you for their next hit of meth.)

At the time of the arrest, Gxxxx was wearing the bullet-proof vest which had a hole in the chest area.
(Lucky A##hole, now some Public Defender flunky will get him off on a reduced charge)
Police said Gxxxx also had a bruise on his chest, according to court records.

(Too bad, Should have been well veinilated in his chest and heart area for his trouble.)

Chaves County Assistant District Attorney Stephen Kovach said he didn't believe Sxxxxxx would be charged with any crime. (Well at least in the southwest they still have a bit of common sense when a homeowner defends himself)

Court records show the vest was taken during a burglary at the home of a Chaves County Sheriff's deputy on May 9.

The incident isn't the first time Gxxxx has been in trouble with the law.
NO SH#T????

In January 2006, he was arrested on charges of attempted residential burglary when police said he broke into a home at the 700 block of SherXXX Lane.

Gxxxx pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 364 days at the Chaves County Detention Center in June 2006.
Too bad, I think this P.O.S should have gotten a Looooong sentence for the agravaited part of the crime. He shows up with a Bullet Proof Vest, Gun, and trys to force his way in to a home. How can they not put him away for a very long time? IF that isn't intent I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

That's why you should practice for the head shots...

Anonymous said...

That's why you should practice for the head shots...

Nereus said...

Yes, I agree about the Head shot option, However, you have to give it to the homeowner to have the intestinal fortitude to show up to the situation with the resonable tools for the job. I think it is too bad his effort's didn't give this dirt bag a bigger setback.
The sad part of this is that the dirtbag is a habitural offender, let loose by the court system again and again. He will probably get a year or two, with time served, check in with his "parol" officer the day after his court appearance. On the street looking to do it all again.