Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dude, Where's my ride ???

It is one thing to have a bad day...
Then there is having a bad day with the press camped out on top of you while you are getting ready for an experimental/record breaking attempt at something no other person in his right mind would attempt.

NORTH BATTLEFORD - The malfunction of a safety device is to blame for the failed attempt by French skydiver Michel Fournier's to freefall from the edge of the stratosphere, says Fornier's support staff.

A device - one of five safety fuses - was accidentally set off, separating the balloon from the capsule and parachute. In all their decades of aviation experience, his crew said, they had never seen something like this happen. As a result, Fornier has scrapped any further plans this week for a re-launch. There is a window in August in which he will try again in the North Battleford area, he said.

Fournier, 64, a retired army colonel, got off to a promising start early Tuesday. By shortly after 5 a.m., one truck honk sounded and a small helium balloon was floated into the sky. Moments later, two honks sounded, and the balloon was released from the clamp. Members of Fournier's team let out hurrahs: Launch time was finally here.

Their glee, however, lasted for just seconds. There was a pregnant pause as the balloon floated skyward and Fournier's capsule remained unmoving.

"Isn't it supposed to be attached?" someone asked.

(Yeah, That was voted the question of the day)

"No. It's not possible. It's not possible," muttered a member of Fournier's team.
(that is the sinking feeling in your gut kicking in as a member of the technical crew)

The assembled crowd of journalists and spectators watched the adventurer's $200,000 balloon float up to space, attached to nothing.

Yeah I've had bad days also, But I never had the pleasure of inviting a large group of the world's press to witness it.

This guy wants to break several records at one shot

He wants to attempt setting a world record for the highest jump and fastest, longest free fall by a man riding a balloon

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Yeah, but who was suposed to bring the balloon back?