Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ten pounds of S##T in a five pound Bag

My blog posts have been under par as of late.
The main reason is that the past month or so I have:

1. Been in Refit
2. Running around getting all the Paperwork together to Retire from the Navy. While supporting the Boat in maintenance and duty days.
3. Retiring from the Navy after 20yrs, along with family and friends from near and far joining me to celebrate. (Yahooo... No more Mid watches or Duty days)
4. Hosting all those family and friends.
5. Finding and starting my after Navy Job.( Dang... Has rotating schedule with swing shift and Mid shifts... Back to Mid watches.. BUT paid by hour and Only the mid watch !!)

So this finally being (Saturday???) I have a chance to actually write a few lines and post an outline of the most eventful month of my life since the birth of my daughter.

More to follow.....

1 comment:

bothenook said...

i'd say whaa, fookin' whaaa, but then i've been there, and know what you are going through. congrats on entering CivPacFlt amigo.
now go get a job.....