Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All a matter of taste

With the world of advertising saturated with slick, cool and "Too Sexy for my shirt" commercials on television. I have a weird quirk to find the lo- brow and local advertising that is something from the 20-30yrs ago. The in-your-face midnight Commercial slots that seemed to always run on the local stations where ever we lived.
In this day and age, with everything a franchise, or national business. It is hard to find something other than car-lots or RV lots that do local advertising.(BORING)
I have found a You Tube video of a guy here in the North West that is both hilarious and annoying. More than twice in a late night and you change channels. But since it is a local commercial I thought I would post it.

Slick and cool it is not. But that is the appeal.

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