Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What I want for Christmas (as if you care)

With the holidays at hand, The better half and myself have been getting the random phone calls from family members and friends with the question of "What do you want for Christmas." Now to begin with I am not a fan/supporter/enthusiast of Christmas and all the orgy of consumerism that forced upon us with the occasion. Family gatherings, kids getting a few toys and gifts, that I don't mind.. But myself, if I want it and can afford it, I usually take it upon myself to do so not waiting until this time of year. So, no, there are no Tools on the list (My tools are a very personal purchase. They have to feel "right" before they go home with me) No clothes. No gadgets or bells or whistles.

Hell, IF you know me the list is a no brainer.

SO here it is With pictures

A bottle of good Bourbon/Scotch or other whiskey

A four or six of this

And a Pack or carton of these to go with the above beverage

Yeah, Not to most politically correct list, or healthy, but honest

Merry Christmas

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